Hello, I'm Elle

Welcome to my corner of the internet! 
I am a Kiwi, cheese lover, chronic tea drinker and just like you,
I have a story.

 At 11 years old I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a form of inflammatory bowel disease which creates ulceration of the mucosa in the large intestine. It includes an array of wonderful symptoms any pre-pubescent teenager would want like severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea and crippeling fatigue. I was told UC was an incurable, chronic disease that I would have to manage forever on drugs and could only hope for periods of remission.

After a two week stint in hospital, I was promptly put on high doses of steroids which offered up a myriad of side effects - I gained weight, developed the characteristic 'moon face' and insatiable appetite and quickly became one very sad little lady. Many more drugs and side effects followed. Each hospital appointment left me feeling unheard and hopeless as I was continually told diet would have no effect on my digestion.  As necessary as drugs were in those early days, they put me in an endless cycle of dependance - any time I tried to wean off the drugs, my colitis would fiercely react. I knew I wasn't treating the underlying cause and I was growing desperate for alternatives.

After much prayer, my mum decided to seek out an integrative GP. He immediately adjusted my diet and introduced supportive nutrient supplements he believed my body was lacking, due to malabsorption. From that point on began my much more hopeful, health journey.

Over the next decade, I committed myself to healing my gut. I learnt how to listen to my body, to nourish it using food as medicine and to use the resources the earth has already so smartly provided, to heal and strengthen. The journey naturally led me to study, as I completed a bachelor in health science (naturopathy) in Sydney.   

 I wholeheartedly believe in treating the body holistically. We are all a complex make up of our genetics, our family history, our diet & even our life experiences. I honestly believe sustainable health improvements can be reached when all these things are considered.  

My own health journey has led me to understand the importance of having a health practitioner you trust. Coupled with this supportive environment, my aim is to empower and educate you so you are ultimately able to become your healthiest and happiest self.

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live - Jim Rohn